About the Company

Picway - or “Picoué” for Quebecers - is the fruit of a friendship and a desire to simplify mountain life! It was while chatting together on the skintrack that came up the idea of making mittens for our skins. It's very simple, we want to ride. To get there, we need to improve our transitions speed and let's face it, it's mostly the manipulation of the ascension skins that delays us. At high altitudes, in difficult weather conditions, peeling off the skins can sometimes be quite a challenge. Our skins needed a mitt that makes our lives easier!


Why Picway?


Having a nature-loving father, for Audrey, childhood memories are filled with walks in the woods, fir trees, and picking fir gum for making ointments and syrups. It is by using a small tool that you can collect the resin without staining your hands to much. We quickly made an association between this artisanal tool, a picway (Picoué in Quebec), and the glue under our skins. This tool avoids having to knock our hands off after picking it, the same goes for our skin mittens. They save us the arduous task of peeling off our climbing skins once we get down the mountain!

Audrey - Cofounder

Winter lover and snowboarder for 25 years, Audrey discovered splitboard 6 years ago. After a short stay in the Chic Choc Mountains in 2016 and a few unexpected encounters, it was the beginning of a love story with Gaspésie, its beautiful mountains and the backcountry. Audrey visits Gaspésie several times a year since, and spends most of the winter months in this beautiful region.


Maude - Cofounder

Snowboarder since the age of 10, Maude made her skiing debut at two. She quickly traded in her two small boards for one big one, and it's been a toy she can't get rid of ever since. It was while living in Western Canada for a few years that Maude discovered the joys of the backcountry and of riding real powder. When she returned to Quebec, it was difficult for her to enjoy the sport again since, according to her, the trill and the snow were not the same! It was when he discovered the snow in Gaspésie that her taste for riding came back. Dry snow comparable to the West, but here in Quebec, it exists! Buying a property with friends in this area was a great idea.